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The Shamanic Elemental Healing Protocol embodies a journey of renewal, utilizing the power of these elements to restore balance and harmony within the individual. It honors the unique contributions of each shamanic medicine and their interconnectedness in facilitating holistic healing. It underscores the balance and harmony achieved through their combined use, aligning the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being.
This approach remains deeply rooted in the synergy of Kambo (Fire), Iboga (Earth), Ayahuasca (Water), and the encompassing Spirit (Air), each representing a fundamental aspect of nature's healing capabilities. By concentrating on these elements, the protocol seeks to provide a comprehensive, transformative healing experience, addressing the mind, body, and soul. It aims to facilitate addiction recovery and clear the energetic blockages known as heavy panema, affecting both the mind and heart.
  • Fire (Kambo): Initiates the healing journey by purifying the body and igniting the inner spirit, burning away toxins and negative energies.
  • Earth (Iboga): Offers grounding and profound insights into the self, uncovering the root causes of behavioral patterns and addictions.
  • Water (Ayahuasca): Encourages emotional flow and healing, washing away pain and opening the heart to new perspectives.
  • Air (Spirit): Integrates the healing process, providing guidance, clarity, and a connection to higher consciousness.


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