Carlos Guzman- Founder

Carlos is a passionate warrior, an Army Veteran who started his awakening journey with the help of plant medicines in 2017 starting with the Iboga master plant. The experience led him into a quest of discovering his true self and purpose in life. He came to work with the Ayahuasca master plant in search of spiritual connection. His first experience working with Ayahuasca was so profound that prompt him to come back to continue to work with the Mother plant at a deeper level. He has never stopped since.

Through the visions of his journeys and volunteering his time, he discovered that by helping others, he was helping himself and it was in the act of service where he found healing. He began working as a facilitator and a coach, helping others navigate through their own journey of recovery, healing and personal growth.

As an entrepreneur, Carlos re-designed his business life to work around his passions and values. He is behind The Passionate Warriors, a community service website dedicated to those who share a passion and purpose in life. Carlos has a passion for service to others, health and wellbeing. He is a certified BTTY Transformational Recovery and Psycho-spiritual coach, a member of MAPS integration coaches roster, founder and minister of Passionate Warrior Ministries and a certified IAKP Kambo and Rapé (hapé) practitioner.

Being True To You

IAKP Kambo Warrior

The Passionate Warrior's Purpose

Our creative life force comes from being in the present moment, in pure consciousness. That's when the beauty of life and abundance comes to the path of the passionate warrior. Being passionate about something give us purpose in life. It is not just knowing what to do, but why we do it. Passion is what lead us arrow straight on the right path. It gives hope for a happy, loving, and compassionate life for us, our children and the future of humanity.

The passionate warrior's drive is about doing what we love to do, having a clear understanding of what we want, willing to take risks for what is important and willing to give up things that don't fall within the scope of our passion. Our passion reflects everything we do at work and at home. What it is done with passion, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like living the life we love.

The passionate warrior is always improving ways to balance the mind, body, and spirit in harmony with God, Mother Earth and the Universe, seeking the balance between work and life, the chaotic and the calm.

Make an effort to do one thing every day that will improve the quality of your life and of others; give it 100%, and expect nothing in return. Take good care of our planet and every living thing. Do all this with love, courage, and kindness.

"Doing what you love and loving what you do"

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