Bamboo Tepis

Bamboo Tepis

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These beautiful pieces are handmade by Harehaux from Brazil for the Passionate Warrior. The Tepi is a sacred tool to serve hapé to others, sharing the energy from the giver to the receiver.

Please always ensure you are in a good mind and heart space before serving. Clear yourself from any negative energies, so your blow is pure, carrying love and good energy to the other person.

*Please keep in mind that each Tepi is unique since each is handmade, so the colors and patterns will differ on each one.

All sales are final. Rapé/hapé and kuripes/self-applicators and tepis are non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable as it has already been opened or used. Due to Covid-19, we cannot resell an item that has already been opened as this is not sanitary or safe for any other customer. We hope you understand, as we try to keep everyone's health and safety in mind.

Passionate Warrior

Handmade Designs for The Passionate Warriors by Harehaux

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