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Transformational Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

In practical terms “recovery” is the common word used to discuss the passageway out of addiction. If you are in “addiction,” you are addicted to a substance or behavior. If you are in “recovery,” you have discontinued your primary addiction and maybe related addictions.

In early recovery, there is usually a cycle of relapse-recovery that can continue for an unknown amount of time. If you have “recovered,” you are in the clear of that addiction and out of the relapse-recovery cycle.

  • Transformational recovery gives depth and meaning to the journey of recovery and invites a person to improve, develop, and enhance themselves through their recovery experience.
  • Transformational recovery peels back the layers of the addicted self, heals the core wound, and awakens the true self.
  • Transformational recovery paves the comeback story, births the gifts of suffering, and makes the whole addiction journey worth it.
  • Transformational recovery is what happens through the coaching process.

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    Psychospiritual Coaching

    Psychospiritual Integration Coaching supports holistic healing and lasting life changes through transformational experiences. More people are turning to alternative and holistic approaches to heal and resolve a number of mental, emotional, relational, and physical conditions that block one’s full expression and potential in life. As you embark upon these new experiences to healing, you discover that proper preparation and integration after these journeys is where positive changes are solidified. Contact me for a discovery coaching session.