Passionate Warrior

Principles for the Warrior Spirit 

Principles of the Passionate Warrior

Discipline: Mastering self-control

Courage: Facing our challenges and uncertainties, standing up for our beliefs.

Integrity: Right Choices, every time, everywhere.

Consistency: Resilient Persistence, answering our highest calling.

Accountability: Stepping up and owning our actions.


Trust Faith and Hope

 The Three Absolutes:

Faith: involves a commitment to beliefs that may not always be provable or visible but are held as true and significant. Faith is a foundational element that influences how individuals perceive their lives and make decisions

Hope: is the anticipation or expectation of a desired outcome. It is looking forward to tomorrow. Hope involves believing in the possibility of future events that are wished for. It is a forward-looking emotion that plays a crucial role in motivating us. As my Mom would say " Tomorrow will be a better day".

Trust: is a reliance on the process and an understanding that life's journey includes ups and downs. It involves self-reliance and the seeking of guidance from mentors or guides, reflecting a belief in the stability and reliability of your principles and values. Trust is about navigating life's challenges with the belief that there is a guiding presence or process that, despite difficulties, leads to growth and learning.

These three components—faith, hope, and trust—interact to provide a framework for understanding and navigating the complexities of life, offering a spiritual and emotional blueprint for resilience and purpose.


Faith, hope, and trust can be reimagined as the invisible forces that propel us forward, not through punishment, but by inspiring a genuine desire to move towards our goals.

Faith serves as the "carrot," a beacon of reward that lies ahead, guiding us with the promise of spiritual fulfillment and deeper understanding. It's the pull that keeps us moving forward, ever chasing the light of our beliefs and convictions.

Hope acts as the light that illuminates the path to the carrot, giving us the vision and assurance that our efforts are not in vain. It's the anticipation of reaching our faith-driven goals, the belief in the possibility of achieving what we deeply yearn for.

Trust, then, is the ground beneath our feet as we move toward the carrot. It's the trust in ourselves, in the journey, and in the greater plan that steadies our pace. It’s not the stick behind us, but the firm path that assures us each step taken is a step closer to our goals.

  The Four Agreements to Lead a Happy and Fulfilling Life:

Speak with Integrity: Inspiring others through my words and actions.

Take Nothing Personal: embracing detachment to maintain inner peace.

Make No Assumptions: asking the right questions, taking nothing for granted.

Always Do Your Best: giving my all with what I got, every single day.

The 4 Agreements Tattoo

I didn't want to forget these agreements as they have played invariably throughout my life. I needed a permanent reminder to practice daily ;-)