The Kambo Warrior

The Kambo Warrior

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The Kambo Warrior

A unique original piece printed on canvas and signed by the Kambo Warrior himself. This Kambo piece was created during a Kambo ceremony, and was created in collaboration with The Kambo Warrior. It captures the essence of this medicine, and is a beautiful memento for those who have connected with the frog, and for those who have been served by this powerful medicine man himself.

10% of each sale will be donated to The Passionate Warrior Sponsorship program, funding someone in need each month to receive help in overcoming emotional trauma, PTSD and other circumstances that prevent them from leading a healthy life of purpose and joy.

My artwork is inspired by my Ayahuasca Journey's as well as plant medicine, spiritual space itself. The intention behind each piece is to help connect you to yourself, to your spirit guides, to your soul and to your heart. I hope this piece brings a sense of bliss and calm into your space, allowing you to create a sanctuary for yourself where you always feel connected.

*All Prints are PRINTED WHEN ORDERED and are non-refundable.

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