Nukini Bliss Hapé

Nukini Bliss Hapé

Nukini | Raw Cacao | Nawa (Mint)

This hapé is blended with raw cacao and mint hapé.

It is a potent blend that envelops you in a warm, self loving embrace. The cacao is physically felt in the heart chakra and above, leaving you with a warm tingle that has you feeling like you’ve been caressed in a warm blanket with a cool breeze from the mint flowing through.

This hapé is a grounding full body experience and merges the union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. It promotes a natural flow of energy, a blissful, euphoric state of love and comfort, and could potentially act as an aphrodisiac.

On a physical level, it can help with blood circulation.

5grams and 10grams option.

* Each Sacred Flow Hapé comes in an eco-friendly glass container with an aluminum top that's easily reusable, or recyclable. Each order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!