Handmade Hapé/Rapé & Kuripe Bundle with Pewter Swirled Coin Charm

Handmade Hapé/Rapé & Kuripe Bundle with Pewter Swirled Coin Charm

Hapé/Rapé and Kuripe Bundle

I believe in the power of hapé in healing and bringing about guidance and clarity. This kit is perfect to connect to self, to spirit guide, and to your heart. It's perfect for meditating, grounding and releasing, and works wonders for anxiety or unease. It's traditionally used for grounding, focus, intention setting and prayer. Clears and cleanses energy.

This personal kit contains a handmade shamanic kuripe (self applicator pipe) made from Granadilla wood (a very durable and flexible wood), decorated with a pewter swirled coin charm, and a touch of color shift paint bringing the piece together. This comes on a 20" necklace should you wish to wear the piece around your neck. The wood is handmade in Guatemala, and is finished off with palo santo and cacao oil.

The kuripe is accompanied with 5g of Shamanic Hapé in an eco-friendly glass container. The kit comes in a natural burlap bag, along with a set of brightly colored intention cards linked to the 7 chakras to make intention setting easier.

. Decorated Kuripe
. 5g of Yawanawa Rose / Nukini Bliss Hapé
. 7 Intention Cards
. Natural Burlap Bag


This hapé is blended with raw cacao and mint hapé. It is a potent blend that envelops you in a warm, self loving embrace. The cacao is physically felt in the heart chakra and above, leaving you with a warm tingle that has you feeling like you’ve been caressed in a warm blanket with a cool breeze from the mint flowing through. This hapé is a grounding full body experience and merges the union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. It promotes a natural flow of energy, a blissful, euphoric state of love and comfort, and could potentially act as an aphrodisiac. On a physical level, it can help with blood circulation.


Yawanawa Rose is blended with crushed organic purple rose making it a very aromatic hapé. This is a beautiful feminine blend, allowing a deep connection with nature, with the plants and with the souls who created pachamama. It’s the inviting of the divine feminine into your soul, into your body, the full flow into your life. This hapé works primarily on the heart chakra, and can help one learn to love him or herself more, in addition to opening the heart and third eye. Roses are known to be anti-inflammatory, calming and can boost heart health.

*Each Sacred Flow kit order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!