Golden Phoenix Hapé

Golden Phoenix Hapé

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Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix is a magical blend with immense potency to tap into other realms. It's a bringer of medicine energy, deep truth and healing.

Golden Phoenix has the ability to open up a world of ancestral energy, connecting you with those who have just passed on, and those that have been in your lineage for centuries. This brings a sense of support, of knowing, of being held.

Because of this, it can bring you closer to source, and strengthen the connection that is already there.

It has a slightly delayed effect, and creates a longer lasting session than any other hapé, so one must put aside a little extra time to go in and connect deeply with the Golden Phoenix.

It can be purgative... releasing toxicity, and panema from your body and energy field. In this process of releasing, this is how the Golden Phoenix rises up from the ashes, ascending towards Source, through the lineage of ancestors.

On a physical level, this hapé can help alleviate joint pain, back pain, menstrual problems, diarrhea and other physical ailments. 

5gr and 10gr option.

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