The Divine Three

The Divine Three

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Connect with the original 3 Sacred Flow Hapés in this combo.

Allow yourself to connect with the Divine Feminine, and move in flow, with connection to your creativity and Mother Earth as you embrace yourself with the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, allowing unconditional self-love in to your heart space, and stepping into your absolute power, your inner warrior, your inner goddess, as you rise... Divine One!

Yawanawa Rose: Learn to tap in to your divine feminine with Yawanawa Rose - the part of you that's creative, that wants to flow, that connects with Pachamama.

Nukini Bliss: A hapé that unifies the divine masculine and feminine, and allows self-love and warmth into one's heart.

Nukini Maca: The hapé of the inner warrior, and inner goddess! Feel the depth of your own inner power with Nukini Maca.

5gr and 10gr bundle option.

* Each Sacred Flows item comes in an eco-friendly glass container with an aluminum top that's easily reusable, or recyclable. Each order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!